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Software for gym owners which was designed and developed by gym owners. Manage your members and staff so that you can have complete control over your gym business. Manage member's payments whether by cash or via debit orders and control their access into the club. Provide statistical graphs and data to help in decision making.

Windows Program

Fitstat is windows based software which is designed to make use of webased services to provide a very smooth solution for the gym owner. 

RFID Access Cards

To control access into the clubs the software system uses RFID cards.

Stats Analysis

The Fitstat gym software provides the club owner with very usefull stats of his club. This functionality was built into the core of the software.

SMS Integration

Mobirise gives you the freedom to develop as many websites as you like given the fact that it is a desktop app.

NexusDB Database

Is a SQL:2003 database engine. Which adds extreme reliability and stability to the software.

Security Features

All routines in the software are completely programable in terms of the users.

Great User Experience

The software is designed around sound UI principles which makes it easy to use.

Staff Time and Attendance

Monitor your staff. When they start work, clock off, start lunch and return from lunch.

Continual Code Updates

We are continually coding and updating the software. Updates are free on the monthly rental.

Payment Control

The software run's debit orders and tracks cash payments at the club. We have designed a unique procedure to control cash transaction where a employee will find it deficult to defraud the club.

Stock Control

We have unique stock control features on the system which is designed specially for gyms.

Monthly Rental

We rent out our software on a month to month basis and don't tie you down on any long term contract. 

From small personal training clubs to big facilities. We can assist you !!!!

Personal Training Clubs

The club software can run on one pc in a small personal training gym or a school gym.


Big Mega Facilities

The software can alternatively run on several Pc's at a Mega club. It can also handel access to different sections in the club.

We supply a full range of stainless steel turnstiles

All our stainless steel turnstiles are made from 304 stainless steel.


T111 Tripod Turnstile

This 304 stainless steel turnstile with black titanium panel is for the trendy club. Provides a LED indicator on the top and bottom. The unit runs very smoothly and is very robust.


T103 Tripod Turnstile

This 304 stainless steel turnstile is for the budged sensative club. Provides a LED indicator. The unit runs very smoothly and is very robust.


T401 Full height Turnstile

This 304 stainless steel turnstile is for the more secure scenarios. Provides a LED indicator. The unit runs very smoothly and is very robust.

Some of our clients

 RFID cards that are suppied to our clients with their club logos.


"You have every aspect of running the club covered ..."

"The Stats analysis is amazing ...... "


Please contact us if you are interested in a demonstration of our software.


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